We create sustainable packaging strategies for you.

If you have questions to your packaging development, sustainability, strategy and material selection - we can certainly help.


What is the right material for your product? Is it compatible and meets the shelf-life requirements? Does it match to and delight the consumers? What about sustainability?

P-StrategyLab has developed a range of methods, tools and workshop formats that help to tackle all sorts of questions. We create sustainable solutions that meet your specific needs and we accompany you every step along the journey.


Let's start!


Struggling to implement new materials or unsure about critical material properties?

We advise and develop your new packaging that matches your product.


What are your sustainability goals?

Sustainability is a hot topic for packaging. We can help you make educated decisions on what drives your business.

Material Advisory

Bio-based, biodegradable material or plastic? 

In case you are struggling to find the right material for your brand or products. 


How do you use packaging as a tool in the context of your brand? 

We will create a dedicated packaging strategy that fits to your needs and matches with your supply base.


Felix is the owner of the Packaging Strategy Lab and works with small and mid-sized companies to help them define sustainability goals, packaging strategies and holistic packaging solutions.


The focus on concept development for sustainable packaging and innovation management. Depending on project needs I work within my network of designers and engineers to develop the best solution.

Prior to founding the P-StrategyLab I worked at Procter & Gamble in R&D roles for packaging development in Germany and China. I oversaw packaging projects in four different business units - feminine hygiene, laundry, baby and hair care. I was responsible for the packaging development and strategy for brands such as Always, Pampers, Tide / Ariel, Herbal Essences and Aussie.


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