To stay up to date, the reports provide valuable insights and perspective on relevant packaging topics.


Benefits of owning packaging specifications

It is of great strategic value to internalizing and owning your packaging material specifications. 

Creating digitized specifications and owning these documents within your system is a foundational task and enables an organisation to make the most out of your packaging and suppliers.

It creates a clear understanding of key requirements around product/packaging compatibility, filling line interactions, quality assurance and purchasing.

The bullet points of the benefits are "speed", "sourcing strategy, "agility", "communication" and "change management".


Post-Pandemic Packaging

The Covid-19 pandemic is challenging us on all fronts – from personal life to business, each aspect is impacted. Packaging plays an important role in everyday life and the pandemic is changing the way we use packaging and a transformation of the packaging industry is coming.

The four themes that we have identified with high impact are "the acceleration of online shopping", "single-use and sustainability", "agile production" and "stay clean".


Packaging in Japan - the art of wrapping

This report summarises on more than 90 pages the key dynamics in the packaging space in Japan with pictures and research articles. Interviews with packaging designers and an art director working on food and cosmetic packaging give additional insights into the current dynamics and an outlook how packaging will transform over the coming years.

The packaging trend spaces that are explored are - Aesthetics, Kawaii - the art of cute, Unique flavors, Colors of convenience, More than packaging and Sustainability.

The interviews are with well known Japanese Packaging Designers and Art Directors.

Kimiko Ida, Art Director at Meiji Co. Ltd. // Ida-san has directed "Meiji THE choloate" which is an award winning design.

Akiko Morihiro, Owner at Suzuki Design // Morihiro-san has led many projects for Shiseido and Meiji among other brands.

Ichiji Ohishi, President at  I+PLUS DESIGN.INC. // Ohishi-san created designs for Suntory tokucha and Kikkoman always fresh soy sauce series.